Saturday, April 3, 2010

Popular Animals in Amazon Rainforest

Animals in the Amazon Rainforest live there longer than people on this planet. For more than 70,000 years different kinds of animals live in the Amazon rain forest. Some of them are now very numerous and well known throughout the world.

Amazon rain forest is a heaven for animals that live in this place because the Amazon rain forest is a rare place in the World that is left natural for over 50,000 years and people did not change this position.

Anaconda snakes: This snake is well known both for it's size and because it is very dangerous and is one of the most dangerous animal that lives in the Amazon Rainforest. We can freely say that today Anaconda snake has no enemies and that it is a rare animal which is not in danger in the Amazon Rainforest. These animals eat animals like monkeys, cats, largest Fish, largest Crocodile, other snakes and many other animals

Jaguar: This is a very rare animal in the Amazon Rainforest and is a very lonely animal. They can be seen very rarely due to the fact that by some statistics there are only 1200 in the entire Amazon Rainforest.

Golden Lion Tamarin: an animal that resembles the real lion who now lives in Africa. But this kind of animal is much smaller in its size. Like the Jaguar, this kind of animal is also very rare and is difficult to be seen in nature.

Orangutan: a very popular animal today and this animal is not as endangered as some other Animals in the Amazon Rainforest. According to recent research on these animals, there are about 13,000 across the Amazon rainforest.

Toco Toucan: Type of birds that now live near the the river Amazon in the rainforest. They feed with animals like frogs, fish and eggs from other animals.

Poison Dart Frogs: This species of frogs is known to be very colorful and it is very toxic and dangerous for people. Its venom is not only dangerous but is also useful in medicine as scientists found a few years ago. These frogs can be seen both in North America and in South America.

Monarch Butterfly: This species of butterfly is not the same as other ordinary butterfly because this butterfly is poisonous. This kind of butterfly is very beautiful in appearance due to a variety of colors it has, but they are dangerous.

Harpy Eagle: This eagle can be seen only in South Africa and by some researches there are only 400 animals that belong to this endangered species. This eagle eats everything and only a few animals are not threatened by these birds, such as Anaconda and Jaguar.

Gray Mouse: An interesting kind of Animals in the Amazon rainforest, this mouse is the most endangered of all animals in the Amazon Rainforest today.

Gorilla: a well-known species of monkeys and it is one of the most numerous species of animals that live today in the Amazon rainforest. They live in the wood and this animal has three enemies such as Anaconda, Eagle and Jaguar.