Thursday, March 18, 2010

Plants in the Rainforest

In this little story, we are going to learn more about the plants in the Rainforest that still exist. Today, no other place is not so useful in the world as the Amazon Rainforest.

Many experts and scientists say that it is the Amazon Rainforest, which produce the air and that help our whole world be cleansed of air pollution. The large amounts of plants and trees present in the Amazon Rainforest are responsible for that. The biggest plant is located precisely in this part of the World. Plants easily survive here because it rains regularly which is good for plants located here.

The forests and plants in the Amazon Rainforest have been mentioned many times in order to be destroyed and how they should be used. Rain occurs mainly in the rain forest from January until the month of May which is a very long period for the plants and trees to recover and begin to develop and grow.

Many times over the years, the Amazon river level rises up to10 to 15 meters and then all plants are far below the water as the Amazon River extends from the normal 12 kilometers wide in normal conditions up to 50 kilometers when it is responsible for floods. However flooding will not affect many plants because they do not mind large quantities of water.

35 percent of all the plants in the world are in the Amazon rainforest. Some of the plants are the well-known Orchid and Macau, which can't be seen anywhere else on the planet. Another fact that shows the size of the Amazon rainforest is that this place has more than 17 thousand species of plants.

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