Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why are Rainforests important?

Rainforest is now a very important factor for many of us and for the whole world. In this story you can find out more about its importance.

In the first place is the fact that the largest amount of rain-forest in the World are important due to the fact that they are useful for clean air since nowadays all the air that is contaminated.

The climate is very important to the planet and the rain forest helps in the regulation of the climate, and this is one of the reasons why the rain forests is now protected by law. There is a possibility that the World is threatened and there is a chance that the rain forests can reduce the possible consequences of the great flood that could happen today in South America.

Plants that exist in the rain forest today were a source of large number of medicines that are made throughout the United States and are very useful to people who have health problems. According to some recent studies there are over 200 kinds of plants in the rain forest which help us make more than 650 types of medicines. This is another fact why the rain forests are very important for the entire Planet.

Animals in the Amazon Rainforest are very numerous today and make up to 20 per cent of the total number of animals that inhabit the Planet. Rain forest is the largest forest in the world and it is the size of Antarctica. It is a very important place in the World because the question would be whether the country could develop normally without these rain forests.

There are some places in the World that are very important and one of those places is certainly the Rain forest. it is important for the people who live anywhere in the world and for all animals in the Amazon Rainforest and in the World.

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