Friday, March 19, 2010

How long is the Amazon River

The Amazon river can giv us the answer on the question where is the Amazon Rainforest located. However there will be more about the Amazon River and how long is the Amazon river today. Amazon River passes through three countries in South America and the State of Brazil, Peru and a small part of Colombia.

Amazon river would not be so great without the small rivers that are connected to this great river. Due to these small rivers it is so big today. Today the Amazon River in South America is measured several different ways. The way people in South America counted the length of the river Amazon is because the main Amazon river accounts the Maranon River, too.

The Length of the Amazon river without this river is 6210 km and with the length of the river Maranon River, the Amazon is 6400 kilometers long. However in all the statistics that are written about the River Amazon state that the real length of the Amazon is 6210 km. People in South America still account the Maranon river to the Amazon, but it's just not true. One fact that proves that this is really a bigg river today in the world is that it can be seen from space. The width of the Amazon river is 4 times greater than the largest river in Europe named Danube.

If you were maybe in Europe and saw the Danube river, then you can imagine how great is the Amazon River. It is also interesting that this river flows into the great Atlantic Ocean and the water even after 20 kilometers of the ocean is not salty but sweet. The Amazon River passes through the rain forest and it is very useful for the animals that livethere since they have a food source.

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