Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tropical Rainforest Food Web

Food in the tropical Rainforest is very diverse in the Amazon woods because there is actually a large number of animals. On top of the feeding chain are three animals that have ruled this part of the World in the wild. Two species of animals that are at the top of the foodchain are Jaguar and Python snake.

These animals do not fear anyone because they are the largest snake that live in this place. These animals eat everything but their favorite food is meat. Python snake feeds on animals such as Monkeys, Foxes, Fish, Rabbits, Birds, Frogs and many other small animals. Jaguar is a cat who is black and is a very rare animal today in South America.

By some estimates these are 700 of these large cats in the whole Amazon. The Jaguar is one of the very endangered animals and it is protected by the law nowadays. Chimpanzees are very numerous in the Amazon today and they eat foods such as bananas, Macaws, plants and small animals that live in the Amazon like squirrels, frogs and many other.

There are many plants and fruits in the Amazon rainforest and all the animals that live there and eat fruits have no trouble finding food. There is also a large number of snakes in the Amazon and they are less dangerous for the animals that live in Rainforest. According to some studies about 45 of the most dangerous types of snakes live in the Amazon today.

Food can be found easily in the Amazon rainforest so it has never been a problem for the animals living there, but there is always a danger, because there is a constant struggle for survival in the Amazon and only the strongest animals survive.

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