Thursday, March 25, 2010

Types of Endangered Rainforest Animals

Today everyone knows that there is a very large number of animals that live in the Rainforest. However some of them are very vulnerable. There are several types of endangered animals in the rainforest and in this short story you'll learn which animals are currently endangered.

Some animals are less vulnerable, but some other animals are so low in number that makes us question whether their species will survive in the next 5 or 10 years. People are responsible for this situation since they have destroyed the place where these animals live. They are very difficult to adapt to the new environment and new location and many have failed to adapt as they should.

Orangutan: This species of monkey is very endangered. If this great decrease of these animals continues in the future there is great chance they will completely disappear from our Planet. So we have to react in time and prevent them to be hunted and destroyed in their environment.

Jaguar: This type of cats is so rare that it is estimated that there are only 200 total in the Amazon Raiforest.

Chimpanzee: Also a kind of monkey that is also highly endangered due to the fact that for many years their homes have been destroyed.

Bengal Tiger: This animal can not only be seen in the Amazon but also in other parts of the world. This means that this animal is less threatened than others and are present in a larger number. Nut the Bengal Tiger is now one of the endangered animals in the Amazon rainforest.

Harpy Eagle: An Eagle who lives in the Amazon. This great hunter has been present for than 20 years, but their number is so small that some researchers estimate that there are 400 in the whole Amazon.

If the Amazon rainforest continues to be destroyed in the future it would not only mean that some animal species will disappear but it will be a serious problem for all of us and therefore it is very important for our whole world to save the Amazon Rainforest, in order to save all these animals in it.

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