Thursday, March 25, 2010

Types of Endangered Rainforest Animals

Today everyone knows that there is a very large number of animals that live in the Rainforest. However some of them are very vulnerable. There are several types of endangered animals in the rainforest and in this short story you'll learn which animals are currently endangered.

Some animals are less vulnerable, but some other animals are so low in number that makes us question whether their species will survive in the next 5 or 10 years. People are responsible for this situation since they have destroyed the place where these animals live. They are very difficult to adapt to the new environment and new location and many have failed to adapt as they should.

Orangutan: This species of monkey is very endangered. If this great decrease of these animals continues in the future there is great chance they will completely disappear from our Planet. So we have to react in time and prevent them to be hunted and destroyed in their environment.

Jaguar: This type of cats is so rare that it is estimated that there are only 200 total in the Amazon Raiforest.

Chimpanzee: Also a kind of monkey that is also highly endangered due to the fact that for many years their homes have been destroyed.

Bengal Tiger: This animal can not only be seen in the Amazon but also in other parts of the world. This means that this animal is less threatened than others and are present in a larger number. Nut the Bengal Tiger is now one of the endangered animals in the Amazon rainforest.

Harpy Eagle: An Eagle who lives in the Amazon. This great hunter has been present for than 20 years, but their number is so small that some researchers estimate that there are 400 in the whole Amazon.

If the Amazon rainforest continues to be destroyed in the future it would not only mean that some animal species will disappear but it will be a serious problem for all of us and therefore it is very important for our whole world to save the Amazon Rainforest, in order to save all these animals in it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tropical Rainforest Food Web

Food in the tropical Rainforest is very diverse in the Amazon woods because there is actually a large number of animals. On top of the feeding chain are three animals that have ruled this part of the World in the wild. Two species of animals that are at the top of the foodchain are Jaguar and Python snake.

These animals do not fear anyone because they are the largest snake that live in this place. These animals eat everything but their favorite food is meat. Python snake feeds on animals such as Monkeys, Foxes, Fish, Rabbits, Birds, Frogs and many other small animals. Jaguar is a cat who is black and is a very rare animal today in South America.

By some estimates these are 700 of these large cats in the whole Amazon. The Jaguar is one of the very endangered animals and it is protected by the law nowadays. Chimpanzees are very numerous in the Amazon today and they eat foods such as bananas, Macaws, plants and small animals that live in the Amazon like squirrels, frogs and many other.

There are many plants and fruits in the Amazon rainforest and all the animals that live there and eat fruits have no trouble finding food. There is also a large number of snakes in the Amazon and they are less dangerous for the animals that live in Rainforest. According to some studies about 45 of the most dangerous types of snakes live in the Amazon today.

Food can be found easily in the Amazon rainforest so it has never been a problem for the animals living there, but there is always a danger, because there is a constant struggle for survival in the Amazon and only the strongest animals survive.

Friday, March 19, 2010

How long is the Amazon River

The Amazon river can giv us the answer on the question where is the Amazon Rainforest located. However there will be more about the Amazon River and how long is the Amazon river today. Amazon River passes through three countries in South America and the State of Brazil, Peru and a small part of Colombia.

Amazon river would not be so great without the small rivers that are connected to this great river. Due to these small rivers it is so big today. Today the Amazon River in South America is measured several different ways. The way people in South America counted the length of the river Amazon is because the main Amazon river accounts the Maranon River, too.

The Length of the Amazon river without this river is 6210 km and with the length of the river Maranon River, the Amazon is 6400 kilometers long. However in all the statistics that are written about the River Amazon state that the real length of the Amazon is 6210 km. People in South America still account the Maranon river to the Amazon, but it's just not true. One fact that proves that this is really a bigg river today in the world is that it can be seen from space. The width of the Amazon river is 4 times greater than the largest river in Europe named Danube.

If you were maybe in Europe and saw the Danube river, then you can imagine how great is the Amazon River. It is also interesting that this river flows into the great Atlantic Ocean and the water even after 20 kilometers of the ocean is not salty but sweet. The Amazon River passes through the rain forest and it is very useful for the animals that livethere since they have a food source.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where is the Amazon Rainforest located

In this story you can find out much more about where is the Amazon Rainforest located The Amazon has the greatest amount of water of all rivers that exist on our planet. Amazon starts from different places in the country of Peru. This great river is connected with many small rivers that make this river so large. The Length of the Amazon River is 6210 kilometers.

Where is the Amazon Rainforest located?

The Amazon rainforest is in Brazil and passes throughout the state. The Amazon Rainforest makes 35 percent of the whole of Brazil which is another fact that explains how great the Amazon is. The Amazon rainforest is now a trademark of Brazil and this place is one of the Seven Wonders in the World. According to some opinions the home of Amazon is not the state of Peru because last year scientists made a detailed research on the river Amazon and came up to a conclusion that the source is in the south.

However since this is discovered, scientists from Brazil must confirm that it was correct. After their confirmation this group of experts from Brazil was recorded as people who have changed the history of the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest by its size and its strength gives great respect for all people who visit this place for the first time.

At this point rules govern the wilderness and this place is one of the few places on the planet where nature remained the same and a place that people did not change. We hope that in future this place will change as the Amazon Rainforest is very important for the whole planet. The Amazon Rainforest is a place where nature has remained the same as it was 1000 years ago and there are very few places like this on the Planet.

Plants in the Rainforest

In this little story, we are going to learn more about the plants in the Rainforest that still exist. Today, no other place is not so useful in the world as the Amazon Rainforest.

Many experts and scientists say that it is the Amazon Rainforest, which produce the air and that help our whole world be cleansed of air pollution. The large amounts of plants and trees present in the Amazon Rainforest are responsible for that. The biggest plant is located precisely in this part of the World. Plants easily survive here because it rains regularly which is good for plants located here.

The forests and plants in the Amazon Rainforest have been mentioned many times in order to be destroyed and how they should be used. Rain occurs mainly in the rain forest from January until the month of May which is a very long period for the plants and trees to recover and begin to develop and grow.

Many times over the years, the Amazon river level rises up to10 to 15 meters and then all plants are far below the water as the Amazon River extends from the normal 12 kilometers wide in normal conditions up to 50 kilometers when it is responsible for floods. However flooding will not affect many plants because they do not mind large quantities of water.

35 percent of all the plants in the world are in the Amazon rainforest. Some of the plants are the well-known Orchid and Macau, which can't be seen anywhere else on the planet. Another fact that shows the size of the Amazon rainforest is that this place has more than 17 thousand species of plants.